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60 Gallon Fresh Water Tank

With a full 60 gallon capacity, Prochem’s fresh water supply tank gives you a generous on-board source for any size job. A reliable demand pump system automatically keeps your console supplied with water pressurized to 40 PSI at a rate of 3.8 gallons per minute. This tank is made of roto-molded polyethylene with a powder coated steel mounting frame for outstanding strength and durability. The space-saving unit fits conveniently over the wheel well of your van and comes complete with demand pump, mounting hardware, hoses and fittings to connect to your system. The optional dual tank configuration distributes weight more evenly to your van’s suspension system than a single large tank, resulting in less maintenance and longer vehicle life.



Available in single and dual tank configuration. Chemical Jug Holder that holds 4 one-gallon jugs. Mounts right on top of the tank to make best use of available space.


SINGLE TANK w/pump PART# 8.604-171.0


SINGLE TANK w/o pump PART# 8.604-172.0


DUAL TANK w/pump PART# 8.604-173.0


DUAL TANK w/o pump PART# 8.604-162.0